[windows2000] Re: Google announces Chrome Browser

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  • Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2008 10:43:33 -0400

This really gets my goat.  Yet another freaking browser is NOT what the
world needs.  What the world needs is one common rendering engine that
all browsers can share so that your browser decision would be based on
the ancillary features.  Let me choose Firefox because I can have a cat
theme, or let me choose IE because it is easily managed by group policy.
But make it so that the actual interpretation and rendering of the html
and css are performed by the same component.


Yeah, I know, then who creates this component and maintains it?  Well,
if the W3C thinks they get to decide everything, let them write it and
give it out to anyone who wants to create a browser.


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To be available in about 19 hours

Looks like the download placeholder is here:

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