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Administrators might want to take a good look at this!

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Subject: News alert: XP SP2 download available now
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 20:45:51 GMT
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As a valued subscriber to Information Security magazine, we don't
want you to miss today's important breaking news provided by our
sister site, SearchSecurity.com. Here's the scoop:

The much hyped Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) is here.
Released on Friday to manufacturers, the download has just become
available to developers and enterprise customers. Be among the first
to get the download when you click on the "SP2" link available on
SearchSecurity.com now:

Along with the download, we've put together a comprehensive package
to help you get a handle on what's included in the massive update -
and any problems that may be encountered during installation. We
talked to security and Windows experts as well as end users, who all
provide guidance in downloading and mass deploying the highly
anticipated service pack. Coverage includes:

1. Keeping your cool during an XP SP2 installation
This desktop Windows refresh is no ordinary service pack, and its
complexity will test the skills of administrators deploying it.

2. XP SP2 security features at a glance
A quick look at what you get once the security-oriented update is
finally installed.

3. Expert: Test XP SP2 ASAP
Thanks to major changes to built-in firewall software, admins need to
give the upcoming service pack a trial run now or face tribulation

4. XP SP2 security features at a glance
A quick look at what you get once the security-oriented update is
finally installed.

5. Firewall is XP SP2's shining star
A network management expert and Windows MVP outlines highlights from
the coming release of Microsoft's much-anticipated Windows XP Service
Pack 2.

Find out more and download XP SP2 today at:


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