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  • Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 12:12:56 -0700

Greg Reese wrote:

My company runs residential communities for the elderly and nursing homes in 
Florida.  One of them is in Port Charlotte which took a direct shot from 
hurricane Charley on Friday.

Fortunately, all our buildings there are made out of poured concrete and can take 
just about anything a hurricane can dish out.  But we did have some roof problems, 
blown out widows, and no power or water.  We don't expect to have any of this back 
anytime soon either.  Our employees are also dealing with their own disasters.  
Amazingly, there entire are has no phone services, no cell services, but our 
AT&T frame relay is up and running just fine and never went down.  The 
terminals we have running on auxiliary power are running and connecting just fine.

We are moving all of our residents to a couple nice hotels in Tampa (Harbor 
Island for those who know Tampa) while we straighten out our location in Port 
Charlotte and make it livable again.

This gets fun because I have to set up remote offices at the hotels for 
operations and activities.  I have a Watchguard firebox at out main office and 
can easily make a VPN connection with another Watchguard device at the hotel.  
From there, terminals can connect back to my metaframe farm with no trouble.

The trick is that the connection available to me is wireless. I am trying to 
find a device (quick) that will bridge the wireless connection available at the 
hotel to my Watchguard as the external connection.  Since we started this on a 
Sunday, I have not yet had a chance to ask the IT staff at the hotel for a 
wired connection.  I am organizing on a worst case scenario and just wanted to 
get some ideas from everyone.

all ideas greatly appreciated!


Think routing, basically all you need a is a wireless connected device such as a linksys wireless router or even a workstation with a wireless card and routing enabled.

Chris Berry
Systems Administrator
JM Associates & Coast Business Service

"This message written on our state-of-the-art beowulf cluster of nitrogen cooled, overclocked C64's"
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