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I apologize if this is a re-post.  I just saw it tonight and thought
some of you would find it interesting or have customers who will find
it interesting.


from zdnet news:


Netriplex is targeting a free version of its e-mail anti-spam service
at small businesses.

The service, which pre-filters e-mail before it reaches the customer's
gateway, is 98 percent effective at eliminating spam and viruses and
produces few false positives, according to Netriplex.

The 24/7 service uses multiple gateway filters that are updated every
few seconds for known spam signatures. Each inbound e-mail is compared
to the SPAMsig database. The company claimed an average delay of less
than one second on each e-mail.

E-mail messages that contain viruses are quarantined, and senders are
notified. The VIRUSsig network is updated with the most recent virus
definitions every few minutes. The virus scanner unpacks and scans
archive files as well as uncompressed ones.

If the customer's mail server becomes unavailable, Netriplex stores
e-mail for up to seven days, after which it can forward to another
location. Storage is only for disaster recovery purposes, and customer
e-mail is deleted after that period. Netriplex does not read, copy,
distribute, or alter e-mail beyond filtering for unwanted content.

Netriplex anti-spam is rapidly deployed by modification of the MX
records for the domain. Customer administrators control the
aggressiveness of the service, as well as many mail management
properties for inbound and outbound mail and virus scanning. The Web
interface includes controls for blacklisting, whitelisting, image
management, attachment management, message stamping, corporate policy
enforcement and other features. A reporting utility shows statistics
related to the customer domain.

Quarantined spam can be viewed, and the administrator can receive
daily e-mail reports on what has been caught.

Jonathan Hoppe, chief technology officer, said that offering the free
service should help increase Netriplex's global e-mail volume and thus
give access to more spam, allowing the system to refine itself

The free service covers one domain and 5,000 inbound e-mails per month
to unlimited e-mail addresses, uses McAfee virus scanning, and offers
e-mail support during business hours. More extensive services -
covering more domains and incoming e-mails -- are available for
monthly fees.
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