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  • From: Jonathan Chan <jchan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 11:18:05 -0500

At 11:10 AM 9/13/2002, you wrote:
>As much as I love MS, I have to agree.  I always refer to 2000 as
>"Microsoft's last great operating system."  When 2000 was created, they took
>all the hardcoreness of NT that was sometimes hard to find and operate, and
>made it very ergonomically brilliant.  I don't think they knew what else to
>do then, so they added some lame ass movie editor, an incredibly annoying
>image viewer that likes to overtake everything, and made the interface look
>like it was created by Crayola and then released it as a "completely new!"
>OS.  Whatever.

can you be more specific in what hardcoreness is? i'm more fond of how nt 
operates compared to win2k, but i prefer the updated win2k gui. your gripes 
are something that are easily fixable...dont install it and configure 
explorer to act as the old explorer. i tend to think of the new interface 
as Bob Grown Up.

my gripe on 2k/XP is the included computer mgmt console / mmc snapins. i 
hate it...i dont one everything to be in one interface, it _feels_ slow and 
inefficient. i prefer to have the option to have computer mgmt pieces 
(usrmgr / eventlog / etc) executed in their own program (like NT) rather 
than a snapin.

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