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The way we have it setup at our dept is as follows:

* Weekly ful copies of home folders and stuff to a temp computer
with a raid-setup (stripe set, about 600GB in total)
* When the raid is full the files are moved to tape.
* As an intermediary solution for users to be able to restore files
by themselves, we use the Volume Shadow Copy-feature on the
2k3-file servers that hold the home-folders and stuff.

We've seen that this is quite enough for our purposes. We also move
really ancient data, that still needs to be kept in the archives,
on optical media, ie we burn it to CDs.

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From: Jennifer Hooper
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 08:48:01 -0700

Message Undelete is quite good.... we have used it on file servers.
 The problem is, it doesn't work too well if the user calls 3 days
later.  It's good for instanteous recovery:  Ooooops!  I just
deleted the accounts payable report templates... can you get it
back?  Not:  Ummm.... I deleted this file a week ago, can you get
it back?  Or worse:  I overwrote this file with the wrong version,
can you get it back?    These are where tapes save us. 
Now.  That being said, there are SAN's/NAS's that do file
snapshots, and that is another way to get the data back instantly. 
But this uses 2x the amount of disks as you have allocated.  It
depends on what you have available, as this is at the hardware

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Yikes, educating users. That phrase is scary.  
Anyone ever use Un-delete? Wondering how that works. 

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There is nothing native to a windows server to do what you want... 
I am aware that there are third party utilities to do this, but
their names escape me. 
You'd probably be better off just re-educating the users to be more
careful, in the long run... 

Glenn Sullivan, MCSE+I  MCDBA
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What do you guys use for file recovery other than tape backup? For
instance, Netware has a program called filer which enables you to
instantly recover a deleted file until purged. What do you use for
a Windows equivalent on a 2000 file server when a file needs to be
recovered quickly? 



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