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I have had some success with the disk tools from a company called
O & O Software. 


Their format recovery tool is something I have not personally tried though.



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That little warning before you OKʼd the format should be your big clue.  Itʼs 
gone dude!  Yeah, in theory detectives can recover from trace signals still on 
the drive.  But in spite of CSI, the science isnʼt practical on a whole drive.
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Hello guys!!!
I have a big problem and hope someone here can help me with it. We have just 
formated and reinstalled a notebook for a user. The problem is that the user 
had some very important files on the C: on her computer. Can you recommend some 
programs which could potentially recover these files? If there are free 
programs which can do this well I'd prefer since I need this done ASAP (if 
still possible! : ) 
Thanks a lot!
Best Regards,

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