[windows2000] FW: [THIN] Drive mapping issue

  • From: "Shawn R. Beairsto" <sbeairst@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "Windows2000 (E-mail)" <Windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 10:07:20 -0400

Put this on the thin list, but didn't receive much response... trying here out 
of sheer desperation!


Hi everyone,

Running a Windows 2000 SP4 terminal server, Metaframe 1.8 in Win2000 domain. 
One user last week reported some issues, and when I investigated, found that 
her Home drive (H) was not being mapped to the proper location, it was just 
going to the local documents and settings directory. I checked all her settings 
on the domain controller, everythings fine. In the options for terminal server, 
I am setting H to point to \\server1\heruserid. (server1 is a linux file 

If I map another drive letter there manually from her citrix session, it works 
fine. No errors are reported in the logs. Her My Documents folder is redirected 
into a subdirectory on her H drive and that is working OK. In desperation, I 
deleted her profile from the citrix server, and recreated it but the issue 
remains. All other users are fine. Does anyone have an idea where I can look to 
troubleshoot this further?


Shawn Beairsto
Network Administrator
Data Kinetics Ltd.

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