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Hi Nick,

Thanks for that recommendation. It certainly looks like it will do the job.

However, I have run into a problem with it that I hope someone can help me

I''ve managed to export my own mail folder from the Exchange 5.5 machine
without any problems. However, I am not able to import it onto the new
Exchange 2003 server.

I'm doing a 2 Stage Export/Import and selecting Stage 2. I tell it the name
of the new Server, but when I click next I get a pop up message stating :-
"No users were found containing mailboxes in the database(s) specified."

I am the only mail enabled user on this server, and I know my mailbox is
present and functional as I have accessed it via Oujtlook without any
problems. I only have 1 folder store as well.

I'm logged in as Administrator, and I have given Administrator Send As and
Receive As rights to the server as I understnad is required from various web

Is anyone able to give me a pointer?


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> Use Exmerge - It will create PSTs out of the old mailboxes and then
> Import them into the new ones. Dead easy - much much much - I cannot
> stress this enough - much - easier than any other solution for this sort
> of size - or at least if there is anotehr I'm not aware of it.
> Nick

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