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What advantage does this have over giving helpdesk people account operator
rights or just giving them rights to set passwords and unlock accounts?
(I'm not network admin, so if this is a stupid question, forgive me.)


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Hi All,
While thumbing through the lastest ission of Redmond Magazine I came across
a suggestion for an Admin Password changing utility that can be give to Help
Desk People.  It is called WiseSoft Password Control.  I installed the
software on my Citrix PS 4 servers and published it as an app and it works a
champ. Just for safety's sake I set windows file permissions on the
executable so that no one else could "accidently" execute it.  A nice
feature of this utility is that it will let you disable and enable accounts
This is a FREE utility albeit you will be required to sign up for the
website with a username and password and give up an email address to get it.
To me it was definitely worth it.
Get it at:

This site also has a few other useful utilities. One called NTFSFix that
lets you do a global "fix" of permissions on user directories and one called
scriptbuilder which helps you build and automate vbscripts. 

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