[windows2000] Re: Domain not available

  • From: "Jonathan Kadoo" <jkadoo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 08:45:48 -0400

Actually this is someone's home machine and it "shouldn't" be connected
to a domain.  I have the network cord unplugged and it still gives the
error I listed below.  It is weird, I get into the machine.  Do you
think I could use the recovery console to get into the machine?

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        I believe there is another way around this.  If the DC is in
fact, not available, simply disconnect the network cord and it will
automatically use the local cached copy of the profile.  It should [at
the least] get him into the system.

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                You get that message when the account you are using does
not have a locally cached copy and the computer cannot connect to the
domain controller. 
                The local cached profile can't be helped at that point
so make sure it has a connection to the dc. Make sure the machine is on
the network(look in the local dhcp server and ping the address from
another machine), look in the dns server to see if it is registering
properly(this verifys that the computer has the correct dns settings and
can resolve the dc), and then check to see if global catalog server is
                You really should have a local admin account setup on
those machines.

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                        From: Jonathan Kadoo
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                        I've got an issue I haven't seen before.  I have
a Windows 2k Pro machine that is giving an error when you try to sign in
"The system cannot log you on now because the domain "DOMAINNAME" is not
                        Unfortunately there is no option to log onto the
local machine like you would normally have.  I have looked on Ms's site
but I haven't found anything that helpful.  Anyone seen this?  Any ideas
would be greatly appreciated.

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