[windows2000] Re: Deleting a domain controller that no longer exists

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  • Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 14:40:05 -0400

Normally you should demote the server and it will be removed automatically. If 
this is not possible and you receive this error when you try and remove the 
server object in the Active Directory Sites and services console. It is 
possible there are child objects in the server container and those would need 
to be removed before you can remove the server itself. The only way to resolved 
this is use NTDSUTIL and clean the Metadata and stuff. 

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How can I delete a DC that is no longer available to the domain?  We had an 
NT4.0 server that was a domain controller in a mixed NT4.0 / Windows 2000 
domain, but it in essence died.  Now when we try to delete it from Active 
Directory, we receive the "DSA object could not be deleted" message.  Any 
ideas?  Also, while we're on the subject, I have a different NT4 server on the 
network that I would like to get rid of  as well, but we can't run dcpromo on 
that one, can we?  Thanks in advance,

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