[windows2000] Re: DNS2GO (for Sorin Srbu)

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  • Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 21:45:33 -0700

That's not too bad of a price. Especially for a year! That way if I decide
to go move back home to Cleveland, I'll be able to get back up and online.
:-) Although I'll miss having dozens of computer stores handy....

One thing I did notice, and it could have been due to a number of reasons,
even though I have DSL, it took a LONG time for the deerfield site to
finally load up. Hope that doesn't speak of the re-direction services. :-O

You can post that here or offlist. Been kinda busy juggling all these
projects, including .NET (STD Server and Enterprise Server RC1 (both))


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-> "Charles R. Buchanan" wrote:
-> > Effective October 1, 2002, Deerfield.com is switching it's free DNS2Go
-> > service to a paid subscription model.
-> >
-> > ------------------------------
-> >
-> > I was searching around and found this because I'm
-> contemplating using one of
-> > these service, in spite of my suggestion back in July. :-O
-> Although some
-> > don't want to give comment on how certain services are as far
-> as if there's
-> > alot of down times and so forth, I shall persevere! :-)
-> I saw that a few days ago.  For non-commercial sites (if I read
-> it right), it
-> will be $14.95 a year.  I can live with that...  I'm in the
-> process of setting
-> up my domain at my house and am currently moving the domain from
-> a friends house
-> where it has been parked for the past month to the house.  Since I have a
-> dynamic IP on my ADSL, I'm setting up DNS2Go at this time.  I'll
-> give a report
-> in a day or two as to how well it goes.
-> -----------------------
-> Jim Walls - K6CCC

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