[windows2000] Re: DNS trouble

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  • Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 14:06:06 -0500

Is this a problem for a normal computer on your network or just the
Terminal Server? I don't know why it would be an issue for TS and not
for a client computer unless it might be a client firewall issue. What
version TS are you running? 2003 or 2000?
I have kind of the same setup that you do but I do not have Forwarding
set up on my DNS server. I think I could not get forwarding to work
through the 1 or 2 firewalls between our network and the Internet. My
DNS server knows about my internal network and nothing about the
outside. If a client asks for the address of a object inside the
network, my DNS servers reply with the information. If it is outside the
network, they say -sorry don't know what or who that is. I think the
computer then tries the gateway for information.  I have ISA server set
up as the firewall and have firewall clients installed on all computers.
Between the firewall client and the other capabilities of ISA I have no
issues with DNS for computers or Servers inside the network.
 I had to configure the ISA server to get DNS information for our
Exchange Servers. The Exchange Server asks where the mail server is for
company.com and it is configured to ask the ISA server. The ISA server
is configured to make the request to the DNS servers I have configured
on the external connection of that ISA server.

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        I have DNS setup on a DC, works fine. I have a forwarded setup
that points to my ISP for all unresolvable IP's by the DC. I have a
Terminal Server which points to the DC as its DNS server. I can ping the
DC and resolve the server name of the DC from the Terminal Server.
However, when I ping a particular web site from the DC, I get a response
but when I try to ping from the Terminal Server, it cannot find the
site. Cannot resolve the name. What's wrong?


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