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  • From: Jeff Malczewski <jeff.malczewski@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 15:58:01 -0400

That setup should be fine..  You want every machine to point to two
different DNS servers for redundancy.

The only thing I could see would be where if ABC had only one DNS
server, and then XYZ had a delegation record to make ABC's DNS
authoritative for the domain.  Then, if ABC ever went down, the
clients would look to XYZ, which would simply refer them back to ABC,
and they'd go nowhere (unless there was a secondary zone on XYZ)...

Each of my domains has two DNS servers.  The DC's point at each other
as their primary (to prevent the island), and then point to the
parent.  The DNS servers are configured to forward to the parent.  The
root is configured to point to the ISP.  The root has delegation
records in it for each of the child domains, and the clients have one
entry for each of the DNS servers in their respective domain.


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From: Bill Beckett <bill.beckett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [windows2000] DNS
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I hear constantly (mainly from Mark Minasi, as I read his articles
frequently), how if DNS isn't right, AD won't be right. So I have a
question for those of you who use 2K and know DNS pretty well.
We have a sister company who has their own 2K domain. This domain has
a DNS server for their devices. All of the servers point to the DNS
server in their domain, we'll call ABC. However they are physically on
the same wire with their parent, we'll call XYZ. The servers and the
clients are also set to point to a DNS server on XYZ. So if you
ipconfig /all, you see the IP address from a server on the ABC domain
and a server from the XYZ domain.
Will this setup cause or not cause any issues?
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