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With multiple dhcp servers - how is redundacy achieved with regards to
reserved addresses?    If reserved addresses are configured on only one
server what happens if that server goes down?

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        If you have multiple DHCP servers, everyone should have a
different IP range. The reservations on each server consist of IP INSIDE
that range, so you just need make one reservation.


        The IP duration depends on the stability of your network. If
mostly of your clients are desktops and you have a good margin of
remaining IP addresses, you can make it bigger (20 days in my network),
on the other hand, if you have a few margin of IP addresses and/or have
a lot of mobile users, your lease should be lower (3 days for instance)


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        How are reserved ip addresses configured on multiple dhcp w2k
servers?     Are reserved addresses duplicated on each server?          

        What do you recommend for ip address lease duration?



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