[windows2000] Re: Crazy printer

  • From: Michael Hauck <MichaelH@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 10:29:28 -0500

The first thing I try when running into printer issues like this is changing
the print driver.
I have run into this with the PCL 6 drivers for a few H/P printers and gone
back to older drivers. 

Michael Hauck 
Network Administrator 
HiRel Systems 

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From: Mauricio Fernandez [mailto:mfernandez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [windows2000] Crazy printer

Good morning....


I have a network printer that only prints parts of any documents. No matter
who sends the document or what they send, always print or a blank paper or
just the frames, or just the titles, etc.


Any ideas...


Mauricio Fernández S.

IT Manager

FDTA - Valles

Tel. 591 4 4525160

Fax. 591 4 4115056


www.fdta-valles.org <http://www.fdta-valles.org> 



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