[windows2000] Re: Corrupt Drive c

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  • Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 10:53:11 -0800

I assume when you said you "deleted" the partitions, you not just deleted
everything off the partition, you actually deleted it and re-formatted it?
Have you run chkdsk?

I had problems before reading files. It actually said access was denied and
it wasn't due to permissions. It had to do with (all indicators points to
this) that the files in questions were saved under XP, but there was a
re-install of W2K Pro (this was a few months ago btw) and this happened
afterwards, and that is when I found out the different versions of NTFS.
Folders lost their icons and a whole slew of things. I'm trying to avoid
that again, that is why I posted that question earlier, but I guess I
stumped a few on that one? <g> :-)

If you just deleted everything off that partition, then what I said above
might be at play on your system. I don't know. If you did fdisk or what have
you and created a whole new partition, then I would suggest instead of doing
the web install, download the whole thing (if you have a high speed
connection) because maybe the web install files are corrupt? Just some

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>I am reinstalling a computer I had Windows XP on.  I was having too much =
>trouble with XP and decided to go back to Windows 2000 Pro.  I deleted =
>all the partitions on it so I could reinstall everything fresh.  I was =
>able to get Win2K Sp 2 installed but every time I try to load SP3, I =
>start getting errors about Drive C being corrupt and unreadable. =20
>When I run the web based SP3 install, it pops up an error that it can't =
>find certain files. That is after it downloads and backs up everything.  =
>If I look with Windows Explorer, I can see the file exists in the path =
>that it is looking but it still doesn't find the file.
>I am starting to think that I may have a bad drive but wanted to see if =
>anyone else had seen this kind of thing with SP3 first.
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