[windows2000] Correcting a PC which was improperly configured with our network

  • From: "Rod Falanga" <rjfalanga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <rjfalanga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 18:15:02 -0700

We are expanding into another building.  We=92ve pull RJ-45 cable and =
are all
ready to go.  So far, I=92ve set up something like 4 PCs, two of which =
brand new Dells with Windows XP Pro preinstalled.  I know, from =
that it takes a little bit of drilling to find where to make the PC join =
domain, but it is possible and works fine.

Well, I asked one of my developers to go over and set up another PC =
He went over, took it out of the box, and got it to the point where he
needed to change the network affiliation.  However, instead of changing =
to join a domain, he left it as a workgroup and give it the name of our
domain.  Naturally, he couldn't find anything listed in Active Directory
(printers, etc).  He was confused, because he thought that he had =
it to join a domain.  I went to the machine and discovered his mistake.  =
tried to switch it to a domain, but now it says that it cannot join our
domain since it already has a network object by the same name (the
workgroup).  I tried to fix this by changing the name of the workgroup =
something else, but that didn't help.  I suspect that what happened is =
PC allowed itself to be changed to a different workgroup, but still =
that there is another workgroup out there with a name identical to our

So, my question is, how do we fix the problem he's created?


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