[windows2000] Connecting roaming laptops

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  • Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 13:55:32 -0500

Another question:

Have a half dozen independent networks (of various types - Novell and
Win) that a laptop needs to be able to connect with, and map a drive and
printer share to (seamlessly).  Yeah, I know, it's not easy!

The tricky part is that one location is using a Windows workstation as a
peer server.  Also, printers can be either shares on Win2k boxes, or
TCP/IP HP Jet printer boxes.

I was thinking of setting up some sort of batch file that would do like:

net use h: /delete
net use h: /server1/share

if [that doesn't work] then
net use h: /server2/share

if [that doesn't work] then
net use h: /server3/share

Is there a better way?  Also, is there a way withing a batch file that
you can tell what shares are available?

The laptops I need to do this for are both running Win98.


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