[windows2000] Re: Complex or long passwords?

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Well it depends on how exposed the login is to the outside world. In any situation where an attacker would have an opportunity to make a brute force attempt remotely before breaking into your system, you'll need to use complex passwords as modern password crackers can bust dictionary word strings in almost no time flat. Even using NTLMv2 a password like library_manager_today could be cracked by LC4 in under 9 seconds. We do use passphrases for some things, but usually only stuff where you would already have to be logged in as a valid user anyways.

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Sorin Srbu wrote:

What's the consensus on this list on easy-to-remember long
passphrases vs short, but complex passwords?

There was a lot of talk about this on the last TechEd Europe, but
AFAICT, there wasn't ever a consensus, not the keynotes I was on at



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