[windows2000] Re: Cisco VPN Client software issues.

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  • Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 14:10:24 -0400

Thank you all for this thread!  I use the Cisco client at home, and I
haven't gotten around to install SP2 yet.  I'm glad I didn't, because I have
to "dial in" to work tonight to do some things.
Ray at work


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        Had the same exact problems, I ended up uninstalling the Cisco VPN
software for now, I don't use it on my XP box, and haven't had a chance to
spend anytime researching it and digging into the problem.. Its not the top
of my list


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        Subject: [windows2000] Cisco VPN Client software issues.


        Has anyone else had problems running the Cisco VPN client software
since SP2. The reason I ask is that I have it on my machine and since I
installed SP2 it crashes my machine. It give me the dreaded BSOD and
reboots. Anyone know of a workaround. All I could find on Google was to
disable the Windows Firewall (which I did by default) and have the Stateful
Firewall running in the Cisco client. I also am running Cisco 4.0.1. I need
all the help I can get. I have remote users that rely on the VPN software
and are running XP. If any of them install SP2, they and me will be hosed.


        Thanks again.


        Daryl S. Ehrenheim

        Bargreen Ellingson IT Support

        (253) 471-3775


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