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It is running Windows XP.  (Sorry, but this list has a better quality of 
members (better answers and more prolific) than the Windows XP list).  When I 
go into Task manager, the only CPU listing is System Idle Time.  The memory is 
showing up as 85 MB in use.  I have 512 MB installed.  The Performance graph 
shows up as 2% in use.  I found an article which says the LCD and my modem type 
may have problems, and I found another which says the Hot Keys and the screen 
display do not like each other.  I turned off the Hot keys, disabled the modem 
and stopped the display icon from starting in the Task Bar.  Sorin suggested I 
empty my Prefetch folder, so I did.  It only had 4 MB in there.
Sometimes it starts up fine, then I have to wait 5 to 10 minutes before the 
Start button will work.  When it is locked up, I can open Task Manager, but it 
stays there when I close Task Manager.  The mouse moves, but clicking does not 
work.  If I click something a lot of times, it will open a bunch of them when 
it frees up.  It works great, then simply locks up at random.
Thank you 
Jesus Loves You


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what OS is this thing running? From your description, can I assume it's 
windows? What version?
It could be several things. Check temp files, background programs/services, 
memory usage, pagefile, etc...
Once it comes up and is available, how does it run? Is it still sluggish or 
does it run fine?

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        Does anyone have any experience with a Model number L4TVA, BIOSTAR 
Microtech Int'l Corp.  All in One PC?   When I boot mine up, it takes 10 
minutes before I can click on Start or get any Icons.  This thing locks up all 
day long.  I just started working here and this is the only PC I have to use, 
so I can't gauge anything against it.  We have 3 of them here.  They all lock 
up.  My other users are using older Dell PC's and they are not having these 
problems.  The guy who installed them onto the network is gone on vacation so I 
can't ask him for 3 more days.  I have been using this for 4 days and am out of 
        Has anyonme else had experience with these?
        Thank you for your help
        Jesus Loves You

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