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Boot using a Windows 7 boot disk.  When you get to the first opportunity to
click on something, hit shift-F10.  This places you in a command prompt of
an X: disk, which is a RAM disk version of "minwin".  You can access files
on the C: drive.  You can plug in a USB stick, either with a stand-alone
cleaner that doesn't need install, or to copy off important files before you


The alternative is to use Barts-CD (or equivalent) to build your own ram
disk including whatever you need.



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I have a friend that has infected the hell out of his machine with a bot or


I run a Mac and Windows 7 with security essentials and have not battled a
virus in years.


I seem to remember that somebody offered a downloadable iso you could make a
boot disk from that would do a really good job of cleaning the computer.  I
think it was f-secure but that looks to be from 2008.


Can anyone recommend a really good tool or tools I can pass along?  I have
passed along the online scans, AVG links etc.  But it seems like there would
be a really good boot dick for this out there somewhere.


any tips or ideas are greatly appreciated.  I am curious also to hear
everyone's techniques these days since it has been a while since I have
gotten my hands dirty. 





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