[windows2000] Another wireless question

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 15:56:55 -0700

GF has Actiontec wireless router from the phone company for DSL.

She wants to share it with upstairs, so I brought my Belkin "g" card and my
Robantron (Chinese Brand X) USB "b" wireless device to test.  Three times, I
was unable to get either to work, although they work with my setup at home.

Today, planning to "get the job done, or else", I show up, and as soon as
tech support answers, I notice my "g" card in my laptop works, even though
no changes were made since the last two times I tried.

The USB "b" device still does not work, and Actiontec, of course, says, our
crap works, so it must be your crap that doesn't, even though the USB "b"
device works with my laptop at home and a desktop downstairs at home.

Anyone have experience with Wireless routers, and can give a clue as to what
to do to get the USB device to work?

I fear next time, neither will work, and her tennant upstairs was promised
wireless BB, and we want to be ready to provide.

Thanks, all.


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