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  • Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 11:13:13 -0400


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> From:  Mauricio Fernandez
> Yes, I know I am that kind of bothering guy. sorry for that.

Yeah, get lost!  ;]

> I have mapped an U: drive for each user's home directory, and 
> that was working fine until today, but now, when users open 
> this drive they see all users folders.

It sounds to me that someone altered whatever drive mapping mechanism you're
using.  Like, if you just have a simple .bat file for logon scripts, it
sounds like someone modified that file:

Should be/was something like:
NET USE U: \\SERVER\Homedirs\%username%

Is now:
NET USE U: \\SERVER\Homedirs

What are you using to control drive mappings?

Also, if everyone was downgraded to NT last night, this would cause that, as
you can't map to a directory within a share.  But, I think it's probably
pretty safe to assume that isn't the cause.

Ray at work

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