[windows2000] Re: Additional questions about Group Policy to customize Office XP and MS Word 2002

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There is a startup folder for Office, just drop your template into that
with the line spacing set. Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office/Startup

This might be the easiest way.

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Dear Windows 2000 Freelists.org,


Hello! I hope everyone is well. I am hoping the list can help with my
current situation. I am attempting to do the following two tasks via
Microsoft Group Policies:


1.       I would like to have the default line spacing to be double when
students sit down to take a particular exam will be offering. I know it
is plausible to ask the students to do it themselves but I would prepare
to have it as a default setting via Group Policy.


2.       I would like to have a particular template come up by default
when a user opens word. In addition, I would like to implement this via
Group Policy once again.


I went to the links listed below from the thethin.net (which rocks) and
downloaded and installed the Group Policy Templates for Office XP which
include MS Word 10/2002/XP. However, I have yet to find a setting within
the policy template that addresses my needs.


I am beginning to wonder if my two requests from above can be met via
Group Policy? Does anyone have any advice or additional registry tweaks
or hacks that could help me with my concerns? All help is most welcome.
Thanks in advance. Take care.


All the best,

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