[windows2000] Re: Adding W2K Server to C:

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  • Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 19:22:55 -0700

I'm sorta confused now because if he has Win98 on the drive now, and he
can't upgrade Win98 to W2KS, then exactly what data is he trying to save?
Maybe the backing up of files is throwing me, because that could mean 98 or
W2K Pro. <shrug>  However, this is not to say you're wrong, it's that I'm
confused! :-O

If it's Win98 and he thinks he might want to rollback, then wouldn't making
an image of the win98 drive be in order, just in case? (Of course BEFORE he
does all of this!) :-)

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>No, he wants to install W2k Server without formatting the server...   =
>Probably to save his data...
>Just install W2k Server from the CD, Select the current Fat32 partition =
>and leave it alone.  Server will install on the Fat32 volume..  Once the =
>install is complete, you can convert it to NTFS 5 if you want the =
>security, reliability, etc...  Just type Convert C: /FS:NTFS from a =
>command line to convert to NTFS.

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