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If you want to use just one dhcp server, you should set up separate scopes
for each subnet and configure your scope options.  Set DHCP Scope A Options
to use DC A as primary DNS....

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Yeah, I know that.  I understand the whole concept of DNS.  I also
understand that AD will not run w/o DNS.  I do have a couple of direct
questions but I want to ensure I have them researched first.  As for the
book, I do have one.  I just have some additional theory questions that
don't appear to be covered in the book.
So, my first question is...
I have three relatively small domains that I'd like to consolidate into one
larger domain.  With that, I'm expecting two domain controllers.  Each will
be a primary DNS server for one of the subnets we support while the other DC
will be a secondary DNS to the other subnet.  Essentially, ensuring a
redundant DNS system for my users.  So, can this be done?   And, if I'm
using a DHCP server that assigns our IP addresses to all of the subnets, how
do I ensure Subnet A uses DC A as it's primary and DC B as it's secondary
(and vice versus)

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Hi Rick,
like Mark already said:
As soon as you install AD, it installs automatic DDNS (DynamicDNS).
Forwarding addresses etc..
The best is, that you read the W2K3 Server book (at least have it as a
reference book).
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Ask away.  You cannot run without it, so it seems more than appropriate to

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We're migrating from a Windows NT 4.0 domain to W2k3 AD.  I've gotten a new
server and we've determined it might be more work up front, but we're
starting everything from scratch in W2k3 while we run parallel to the NT
With that said, I don't have a lot of experience in DNS.  Would it be
appropriate to ask some DNS questions here?  
I installed the server and got DHCP running and now I'd like to make AD and
DNS work.  

Thanks in advance,
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