[windows2000] Re: A question about backing up the AD

  • From: "Rod Falanga" <rjfalanga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 10:50:53 -0700


We do have Veritas (yeah!).

How do I make it backup remove servers?


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> >From: "Rod Falanga" <rjfalanga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >I learned a lot; but because I have so much to learn, I know I won't
> >retain it all.  Thank God for the book, so I can look information up
> >later.  :)
> No no, don't look for the book, thank google.com thats pretty much the
> font
> of all knowledge nowadays.
> >I've got another important question, at least for me.  In the class
> >discussed things like backing up and restoring Active Directory.  I
> >a real big sinking feeling listening to the instructor talk about it,
> >because I got the impression that I should backup AD on each and
> >domain controller in my domain!  We do have a backup system (and
> >had opportunity to test it by restoring files in the past), but it is
> >only on one server; not all of the DCs.
> You don't need to back up multiple copies of the AD because they
> auto-replicate so that they're all the same.  However, unless all of
> DC's are the same, you'll need a backup of each one of those.
> >So, my question is, is the correct thing to do is have some sort of
> >backup device on each and every domain controller?  Its only on one,
> >and I don't think that one is a DC.
> >If the answer to my question is "Yes", then should I just get a tape
> >backup system for each DC and install it, or is there someone else I
> >could do, in the event I'm forced to restore AD?
>     Putting a tape drive on each one is not a good solution.  Use
> something
> like Veritas which lets you back up remote servers.
> Chris Berry
> compjma@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Systems Administrator
> JM Associates

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