[windows2000] A disk read error occurred

  • From: "Toby Bierly" <toby@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 12:06:37 -0700

I'm am trying to restore a single Exchange mailbox by restoring the entire 
Exchange database from a backup tape to an old server and then transferring the 
data for the mailbox I want via a .pst file (according to the steps outlined in 
Microsoft KB813337).

The first thing I tried to do was install Windows Small Business Server 2000 on 
the old server because it needs to be the same as the current Exchange server.  
So I booted the old server with the SBS2000 CD, deleted the partitions (they 
were too small), created 1 new larger partition, and tried to continue setup.  
It copied all the files over to the hard drive and then automatically rebooted.

On the reboot, when it tries to boot from the hard drive, I get the following 

A Disk Read Error Occurred
Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to Restart

This is on an HP NetServer LC3.  I have tried reformatting again, clearing the 
cmos via a switch on the motherboard, etc., but with no luck.  I can boot from 
the cd and get into recovery console where I can access the C:\ drive and all 
the install files seem to be copied there just fine.

I googled for that error and came up with ideas like clearing cmos, loose 
cables, format from inside the recovery console (I tried this with the command 
"format c:" -- is there a better way), flashing the bios (whatever that means), 
etc.  None of them seemed to help.

The server had been sitting around for a while (about 1 year), but I booted it 
up and everything worked fine before I tried to reformat and install SBS2000).  
SBS 4.5 was installed (NT Server).  So I seriously doubt it is loose cable, a 
bad hard drive, or anything like that.

Any ideas?


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