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If you are not have more than 4GB memory already then you are better off -
unless you have something that requires 64bit windows.  You will need 64-bit
when you go to the newest Exchange Server (as they will not release a 32-bit
version any more) - but even then you are probably better off with a fresh
install anyway.


Moving to 64bit before you have to, if you don't add more memory, will
actually reduce capacity, as everything needs more memory.  I have seen one
study that suggests the break even point is about 32GB of RAM in the server.


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I suppose I should already know this but...


I have 3 new servers that I guess can run 64 bit Windows server. They did
not object when I loaded Windows Server 2003 R2 32-bit.


I have Exchange 2003 running on one just fine and have File and Print
services running on the other.


Should I start over and load Windows Server 64-bit on these servers? What is
the down side of leaving them at 32 bit for a while?


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