[windows2000] Re: 192.168.*.* - why?

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These are defintely routable. They are just not useful as internet =
routable. That is becuase no one is registered to use those numbers. =
They are considered private addresses according to the 1597 RFC. Plus =
check out 1918 too I think.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has reserved the
following three blocks of the IP address space for private networks:        - (Class A)      - (Class B)     - (Class C)

You can even subnet and supernet them too. If you have a large network =
that is subneted or using vlans, you can route between networks using =
these numbers. Even though the numbers are in a private address space =
all the IP rules still apply.

Ray, since most local subnets are class C in size, it is a very commonly =
seen scheme. For those that are interested in more details:



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Hi list,

I'm just curious about something.  It seems that most networks use
192.168.*.* for their internal addresses.  Why?  It doesn't really
matter, does it?  Isn't 192.168.*.* completely arbitrary?  My theory on
how this came to be the norm is that MS used those addresses in some
samples in some books or something, and people started using that and it
just became the norm.  But then there's that whole Internet connection
sharing feature that came out in what, W98SE?  With that, the computer
that's sharing its Internet connection will be  So, I
imagine that it's coded somewhere into other OS'es to look to see if can be used as a gateway when the user does not specify an
IP configuration.  So what came first?  192.168.*.* or computers looking
to as a gateway?  Or what my real question is is why


Ray at work

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