Re: this whole station info thing in preferences...

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So, is the knee bone connected to the thigh bone or not?

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This is really weird. I'm using WindowEyes just to add to the confusion. I 
installed 5.112 over 5.11. First I had to reset the volume control because one 
of the boxes wasn't checked. Then I looked at preferences. First of all I got 
the six usual ones we used to get but I just kept messing around and branched 
off into the eleven you guys have been talking about with the station info and 
all. After I set that, I wanted to go back to output and check that my volume 
control was set right and I just kept mousing and arrowing around until I got 
back to the six original preferences. I'll have to play with it more, but I'd 
say that somewhere in there, there's a branch that connects the long list to 
the shorter list. It's all there, but it's a little confusing.


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