Re: Winamp 5.111 and 5.112 problem.

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  • Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 13:26:18 -0600


Could it be that all 3 of these computers are running the same operating systems, similar display settings, processor speeds, amount of ram, etc?
I've never, in all my 7 or so years of using JAWS, seen what you describe here.
what happens when you try using the shift plus l command to open a folder. same thing? look at the other programs running at the same time, and figure out what may be running at the same time.
Also, try using other synthesizers. It's entirely possible that you may be running into an mp3 or other file name that crashes JAWS.
It's happened before!

At 01:09 PM 11/16/2005, you wrote:
Thanks for your response folks. It certainly is a strange business. When I load WindowEyes, there is no problem. For the record: I always install Winamp as a custom install: not that that would be the problem. It is, however, strange that the problem is on three different computers.

Again gang, thanks all over the place.

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I am using JAWS: no problems.

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try to use a different screen reader if you are using jaws reinstall the winamp program and that should fix the problem.
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Subject: Winamp 5.111 and 5.112 problem.

Hi Folks:

In the versions of Winamp (listed in the subject line), I am unable to Open and play File using (l). When I try this, my computer locks up. I have this problem on three separate computers.

Any thoughts?

Thanks gang.

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