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  • From: Bob Kanish <bkanish@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 19:01:57 -0700

Actually, the plugin is still alive and working. the latest version is
1.79.1243. It was updated about six months ago.

Just make sure you remove the old version first. When you install it,
do a custom install. Uncheck the GUI control. You can also uncheck the
Spanish documentation if you want. then, once it's installed, you'll
see that it now comes with presets. The one called Radio is pretty
nice as a starting point. to get that one going.
In winamp, press control+p for preferences
IN the tree view of options, press c until you hear "crossfade"
Activate your screen reader's mouse cursor
Start at the top of the screen and move until you hear the "Presets" tab.
Use the mouse cursor to click on the "Presets" tab.
Go back to the regular cursor.
Tab through the options until you hear "Import" button
Press the spacebar.
This will activate a window where you can browse to the preset file you want.
the presets are installed by default in
C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\ACF Presets
Once you're in that folder, press r and you should hear "Radio.apf"
that's the one you want.
Tab over to the "Import" button and press the spacebar.
Now, while still in the "presets" tab, keep tabbing until you land on a listbox.
If you've done everything correctly, the Radio preset should be the
only option in that listbox.
Make sure it is highlighted, then tab over to the "Load" button and
press the spacebar.
You have now successfully set up the SQR crossfader to use the radio preset.
You can tab over to the "close button" and press the spacebar on that
to get out of the preferences.
Have fun.

On 8/12/15, Duyahn Walker <themusicman1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

That doesn't work anymore. I tried it here recently. The plugin hasn't been
updated in years.
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Hi all. Does anybody use the SQ crosfader with Winamp? I've had it for a
few years; For the first few years I had it set up fine but then my PC
crashed and died. It was two or more years after getting my new PC that I
again installed it but rarely used it. Now I'm using it more frequently but
I can't remember what are the best configuration settings. Originally
somebody suggested the settings I should use and they were fine but as I
said, I can't remember what they were and I don't really know what the
various configuration elements are supposed to do and I don't want to mess
things up too badly by doing the wrong thing. As it stands now, it works
but I know it could be a lot better. If you can make any suggestions or let
me know how you have yours configured I'd be appreciative. With many
thanks. Walter.

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