Rocky and Bullwinkle fans listen up!!!!

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Well it's almost Thanksgiving here in the US, and if you're looking for a little bit of alternative entertainment and you'll be around your computer, let me invite you to tune into the Rocky and Bullwinkle Turkey Day Marathon. I'll be streaming the first 3 seasons of this classic cartoon from the early 60s.
So starting in about 15 minutes or so, at 8 pm eastern, and going til whenever it's done, it's gonna be nothing but Rocky and Bullwinkle! Here's what you'll hear.
"The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle"
Season 1.

Jet Fuel Formula (40 segments)
Using their secret formula for lunar propulsion, Rocky and Bullwinkle meet moonmen Gidney and Cloyd. Returning to Earth, Rocky and Bullwinkle walk into
a trap. No sooner do they escape the perils of Pottsylvania than, while mountain-climbing the Grimalayas, they encounter the moonmen trying to get home.
With Rocky and Bullwinkle's help, Gidney and Cloyd flunk their citizenship tests and are deported back to the moon.

Box Top Robbery (14 segments)
Bullwinkle owns the world's largest collection of box tops. Since these are the currency of all global economies, he's set for life - until it's discovered
that counterfeit box tops are flooding the market.

Season 2.

Upsidaisium (36 segments)
Bullwinkle inherits an upsidaisium mine in a mountain that flies because upsidaisium is an anti-gravity metal. The nation needs upsidaisium, so Bullwinkle
and Rocky fly the mountain to Washington. Thwarting them at every turn are Mojave Max and Death Valley Dotty.

Metal-Munching Mice (16 segments)
The arrival of six-foot-tall metal moon mice who chomp up TV antennas spells catasrophe in Frostbite Falls. As their screens go dark, townsfolk are forced
to watch black screens, or clothes in the laundromat. Can mankind concieve of a greater terror?
GREENPERT OOGLE (12 segments)
A desert island's only treasure was the oogle bird, which laid a valuable egg once a month. Now the island needs a substitute oogle bird, and Bullwinkle
is kidnapped to do the job.

Rue Britannia (8 segments)
Adventure kicks off with a birthmark, a veritable footnote to history, on Bullwinkle's foot. It spells "Rue Britannia," and means Bullwinkle is sole heir
to a fabulous English estate - if he can spend a week in the ancestral Abominable Manor. He's not afraid ("I've been living in an abominable manner all
my life") but should be, because distant relations want him out of the way.

Buried Treasure (14 segments)
Frostbite Falls' gazette, the Picayune Intelligence, has a treasure hunt to build its circulation. Soon the notorious Babyface Braunschweiger has Bullwinkle
in jail and the prize within his grasp.

The Last Angry Moose (4 segments)
With the help of D.W. Grifter and Alfred Hitchhike - each bearing a striking resemblance to Boris - Bullwinkle stars in a movie.

Wailing Whale (14 segments)
Rocky and Bullwinkle discover an underwater city, Submerbia, and the great wailing whale, Maybe Dick.

Season 3.
Missouri Mish Mash (26 segments)
Boris is on the trail of the Kirward Derby, which can make its wearer the smartest man in the world.
Lazy Jay Ranch (18 segments)
For $28 Bullwinkle buys a Western ranch, then discovers its livestock is worms. Things look bad, unless Rocky and Boris can drive the worm herd.
The Three Moosketeers (8 segments)
Bullwinkle, aka Aramoose, proves his skill with sword and yo-yo, and does would-be king Francois Villain out of a kingdom.
Topsy Turvy World (14 segments)
The North Pole has slipped down to the West Pacific. Boris plans to take over the new North Pole, replace Santa Claus and start carrying presents up the
chimney instead of down.

So as you can see, this should proove to be a great time!

This will be presented in mp3 pro, at 32k, so you dial-up listeners *should* be able to listen as well.
The address to use for Winamp is:

So to listen, open your Winamp player, then press control plus l, and when it asks you for an address, paste the above address in and click the open button and get ready to listen!
Hope you enjoy!

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