Mikes Mess tonight on the Legend

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Hi all

    Yes it is Thursday night and time for another 2 hours of oldies and country 
on a show I call Mikes Mess.  This is a show that features songs from the 40s, 
50s, and 60s, and even early 70s.  We features oldies, Rhythm N Blues, and 
country from these years  Many of these songs have not been played on regular 
radio in many years, and I am proud to give it to you on the World Wide Legend. 

    This show is heard from 8:00PM to 10:00PM PDT (That's 11:00PM to 1:00AM 
EDT.)  You can hear the show by going to http://www.legen-oldies.com and pick 
the Listen live link to hear the show on whatever player that fits your needs.

    I will gladly take your request in 3 ways.  Email, Twitter, or facebook.  
The easiest is email and you can drop me a line during the show at 
request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Twitter http://twitter.com/mikesmessshow.  Or on face 
book at http://www.facebook.com/mikesmess.  Either way I would love to take 
your request.  We also have our features.  Like Beatlessteve and his Beatles 
comparison study, showing the difference between the mono and stereo copy of a 
Beatles song.  This week it is Money.  We also feature the first 3 songs that 
charted by a group or artist from the 50s to the early 70s.  You can pick the 
group or artist by dropping me a line during the show.  The last feature will 
be on the last half hour where I will feature the Roots of Rock N Roll.  This 
will be where we feature the songs from 1955 to 1960.  The beginning of Rock N 

    So come and join me for 2 hours of music and fun and most of all enjoy.

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