Mikes Mess is back for real this time on the world wide legend

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Hi all

As you all noticed I was not on last week. It was a miss up in
communication and I am truly sorry for this. I think we got everything
ready for a new show tonight. I will move the songs from 1959 for the first
Thursday of September. For now we will do our normal 2 hour show. If you
have not heard it here is what I do. I play oldies from the 50s 60s and
70s, including middle of the road before Rock N Roll. We also play country
from 1944 to 1975, and R&B from 1942 to 1975. This is a show I call Mikes
Mess. It starts at 7:00PM PDT and ends at 9:00PM PDT (That's 10:00PM PDT to
12:00AM EDT.) We spend 2 hours playing all the songs that charted and some
you may have never heard before. To hear this show go to
http://www.legendoldies.com and pick the player that fits your needs. We
enjoy getting request and you may be surprise I may have it, give it a try
by dropping me and email at request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> . You can even do it before the show and get
your request up first in line. So join me and lets remember music we lived
and loved in the 50's 60s and early 70s and enjoy

Bye for now

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