Attention, to those trying to get rid of station info

  • From: Chris Skarstad <toonhead5@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: winamp4theblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 21:59:28 -0600

Hi folks. I was just going through the preferences of Winamp 5.112, and I noticed a section in the general preferences called Station info, which may proove to be useful. Let's go through the settings and I'll tell you how I have mine set up.

First we have automatically size window to fit contents, mine is unchecked, but that's only cause I don't watch a lot of videos. If you do, leave that checked or you may have some weirdness.

Next, we have Automatically show station info on tune-in.
This one should most definitely be unchecked, if you hadn't guessed that already.

Next we have Automatically hide station info on tune-out. Mine is checked, but I left it that way just in case unchecking it could cause the station info window to show up next time, but feel free to experiment, first checking the box and then tuning into a station and then tune out. Set it to however you think is best.

That's all we have, so I hope this is useful to some. I remember Bud was having a particularly tough time with this one.

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