[win2kforum] Re: Unauthorised signup ?

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  • Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 12:51:06 EST

In a message dated 3/25/2001 12:25:11 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Kevin.Bean@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< I don't know
 anything about freelist.org and the moderator should not have signed me up
 without asking my permission. I have already unsubscribed from this list,
 but am still receiving E-mails.

***First, notification of the move was sent to the list, and everyone on the 
list was provided an oppty to indicate whether or not they wished to be 
included in the move.  I can only assume, that you did not notify the 
moderator of your wishes not to be included.  The onus was on you to keep 
yourself from being included.  Which seems only logical given the number of 
subscribers to the list.  To ask ea. lister individually of their wishes is 
neither efficient nor realistic.  Check your mailbox for mail with the 
subject, Moving to Freelists.  Included in that mail, are the following 

This entire mailing list will be moving to freelists.org as of Sunday, March 
All people that are members as of Saturday, March 24 (probably afternoon or 
evening) will be members of the new mailing list. If you no longer wish to 
participate, unsubscribe NOW, or you will be moved over. To unsubscribe, send 
a message to win2000forum-unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx It is easier to move 
the list over this way. If I have already initiated the move and you are 
subscribed against your wishes, and wish to unsubscribe from the new list, 
the welcome message will instruct you in how to do so. The new unsubscribe 
address will not be the same as the above one. This group on Yahoo will be 
effectively shut down sometime in the coming days, after I am sure that 
everything is working properly on freelists.

If the group in general does not want this to happen, then SPEAK IMMEDIATELY! 
I can still halt this and do whatever you guys want. From what I've heard, we 
want to move over to freelists.org.** If you do not want to move, then send a 
message to me that indicates your preference.**

Thank you!

Andrew Shriner

This action is highly irresponsible.

***I don't agree, but seeing as how there is no law requiring that we be of 
like minds, I guess differences of opinion are to be expected.
 I have reported the moderator, and freelist.org, to the relevant ISPs etc
 using SPAMCop. >>

***Gee thanks..that's real friendly of you.  Especially since someone has 
been working their tail off to make things better for the group.  I think 
your response is reactionary, unwarranted and I don't appreciate it.  Now I 
guess the poor guy that's been made the moderator of this group is going to 
have to defend himself, the list, and his actions in addition to everything 
else he's agreed to take on....Thanks a lot!


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