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  • Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 15:22:51 -0500

Good Day, Everyone

I recently read an article in a computer magazine on spam killers. The overall 
winner for value, ease of use, etc was McAfee's "SpamKiller".

Considering the massive amount of e-mail spam that had creeped into our lives 
(with out our permissions I add...) I am considering the above program for my 
Windows 2000 Pro/SuSE Linux system. 

I am wondering who has experience with spam killers and specifically 
"SpamKiller" and can enlighten me as to the overall value/benefit of spam 
killer software before I make a purchase.

I use Eudora and on-line Netscape mail services. I also employ a software 
firewall from Zone Labs (Zone Alarm). The system is under both a workgroup 
(work pc) and personal (home pc). The work pc is also protected by hardware 
firewalls, etc. but spam isn't currently blocked from the server.

Any info will be greatly appreciated.


Charles E. James, Programmer/Analyst 
U. C. Berkeley, Berkeley California
Dragon's Gate Taoism

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