[win2kforum] Re: Some strange behaviour before and after reinstalling Win2k

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  • Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 06:40:46 -0600

12202004 0638 GMT-6
    There are times during installation that Windows reboots and it brings
ups windows on its own. In your case, I havent had that situation ever

As for Outlook, if that is a command function of Outlook, then you need to
start searching Options. There probably some little checkmark that has to be
checked in order for that to work. 


Oded Neumann wrote: Hi together. In my "old" Operating System (W2K) I
couldn't see any more in the Explorer's "My network Places" >"Entire
Network">"Microsoft Windows Network" any of my PCs in my Network. Even so, I
still was able to get connection to another pc thru "Tools">"Map Network
Drive.". Because I couldn't solve the problem, I was forced re-install the
OSagain. Afterwards, I was able to see the net-connections again. Has
someonean Idea why the visibility onto the other PCs in the network has
disappeared? When I began the new installation of W2K, the system had to
re-boot several times. After each boot-procedure, I could see all the
previous open Windows of the "Windows-Explorer" again (although the
W2K-Explorer has got NO possibility to wish or not those opened windows like
in Windows XP). Any how, that was actually positive. Now, after I bring
gradually my system back to the old state, NONE of the previous opened
Explorer-Windows appear any more after the boots. What is the reason and
whatcould I do, in order being able to see all the previous opened windows
appearing again after the boot procedure? I've also re-installed Office
2003.As before, I also installed "Outlook 2003 Add-In Personal Folder
Backup". My Problem is, that if I click on "Files" (in Outlook), I CANT SEE
that command. I also tried to uninstall and re-re-install, but the result is
the same. Any Ideas? Regards Oded. ----- To unsubscribe, send a message to
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