Re: wily 2002.

  • From: trost-fl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: wilyfans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 13:54:18 -0800

Ozan Yigit writes:
    i thought the people in this would like to hear about an upcoming
    release of wily: i expect to have a new edition of wily by sometime
    in january. this release will have the "edit" feature, and some
    source code changes, some fixes.

What's an "edit" feature?  (As in, "eww, another feature?")

That said, I have a couple of feature requests ("eww, more features?"):

1. Small feature: A $b, which is equivalent to `{basename $w}; this
would be useful for working with, for example, CVS, which gets offended
by full path names.

2. Big feature: an Undel command. I once actually hit "Delcol" on a
flight from Atlanta to Portland (all the way across the US, for you
furr-n-ers out there) and had a whose scheme of windows disappear on
me. I really didn't want to have to reconstruct them, so I instead
started working on Undel but didn't get very far before the laptop's
battery ran out. (-: I was even thinking about trickling out some amount
of Undo information to go along with the Undel.

Oh, by the by, there was talk of having B3 simply replace the window
instead of creating a new one when both the current window and the one
being created are directory windows. I've discovered myself doing that
manually lately, so I suspect it's another candidate for addition to the
code. Thoughts, anyone, everyone?

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