Re: utf8, macos x, and fmt

  • From: Tor Andersson <tor.andersson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wilyfans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 02:11:21 +0200

On Thu 2003-05-08 09:33:08 -0500, John Lamoreaux wrote:
> Wishlist:
> 1.  An optical mouse, with three wide buttons ...

Amen to that. The closest you can get are the mice that Sun sells with
their workstations. A fairly decent 3-button USB mouse.

> 2.  Flicker free redrawing of text.

A while ago we discussed rewriting the graphics system to use anti-aliased
fonts and more colors. We kind of stalled on deciding whether to diverge
from plan9 (which does not have anti aliased fonts) or to converge with
the current plan9 drawing model, which has a lot of colors and does
transparency and this in theory can do anti aliased fonts.

> 3.  Syntax highlighting.  I'd be curious to hear what others think on 
> the subject.  I am surprised how much I miss it when I've got a chapter 
> with 200 small footnotes.

I used to be very fond of syntax highlighting, then one day I found myself
allergic to it. Now I can't stand it. But then, I mostly work with C source
code.... I can see how it would be useful for text markup :)

> 6.  Packaged version for MacOS X.  I'm working on that too.  (I might 
> add that I have been using wily with Apple's X server for some months 
> now, and it seems to work as it should.)

With a reworked graphics system, someone with enough motivation should
be able to make a native Cocoa Wily.


55.7N 13.2E

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