Re: utf8, macos x, and fmt

  • From: "Mark H. Wilkinson" <mhw+wily@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Wily Fans mailing list <wilyfans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 10 May 2003 12:47:01 +0100

On Fri, 2003-05-09 at 09:54, Bengt Kleberg wrote:
> > current plan9 libraries made available by russ cox: libutf, libfmt, libbio
> > and libregexp9 is available from
> > so we may have to upgrade our 9libs...
> yes and no :-)
> how about re-writing wily (and sam, etc) to use the current plan9 libraries? 
> instead of adding them to libplan9c, i mean.

I've not looked at the code, but if these libraries support the same
APIs that libplan9c does at the moment wily & sam would probably not
require any re-writing. Is russ's libutf related to the one at , or are they implementing
different APIs (one Plan 9 derived and one not)?

libplan9c tries to bring together what bits of the Plan 9 libraries were
available at the time into one library, so I guess one question is
whether to split that one library into four or five separate ones.

The other thing 9libs brings is the configure script (which probably
works out larger than the source of the libraries :-) ). Is that worth
keeping, or do people look for binary distributions these days?


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