Re: utf8, macos x, and fmt

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  • Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 09:12:09 +0100

> > 3.  Syntax highlighting.  I'd be curious to hear what others
> > think on the subject.  I am surprised how much I miss it when
> > I've got a chapter with 200 small footnotes.
> I used to be very fond of syntax highlighting, then one day I
> found myself allergic to it. Now I can't stand it. But then, I
> mostly work with C source code.... I can see how it would be
> useful for text markup :)

I am currently writing a 200+ page thesis in Latex using wily;
it's not hard to navigate if you are strict with yourself, using
multiple files and a strict indentation policy. It's a bit like
writing C....

If you use indentation and blank lines carefully, then the whole
thing can ||fmt (or fw to match the tab size) without messing up.

As for footnotes, I find them very hard to read in latex src; I
think that syntax highlighting would help, but probably not much.

Eg. (excuse the narrow text width---so that the mail client
doesn't change it, the tab stop should be 4 chars for
anyone not using wily to read mail.).

        The previous section showed how an editor is a necessary
        tool for markup. Here we describe some features that
        are frequently used.

        \subsection{Cut and Paste}
                The menu oriented nature of \emph{cut and paste}
                in most editors is not useful.\begin{equation}

        \subsection{Multiple Concurrent Files}

        Beer should be used daily after using Latex in order
        to preserve sanity.


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