Re: using Wily to edit remote files?

  • From: Sam Holden <sholden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 11:10:29 +1000

"James A. Robinson" writes:
>Though I have always thought it'd be really cool to take the concept of
>sam(1)'s remote-editor function to wily.

I began doing such a thing a long time ago (maybe '98) but gave up
before I really started when I decided it was the wrong place for
the code (should be at the filesystem level) and couldn't decide
at which end external commands should be run. 

The fact that windows machines began appearing in vast numbers in
the department and hence I could mount my home directory via smb
removed any motivation I had also.

Of course ignoring the remote files aspect splitting the gui from
the backend ala sam might be nice. A little like screen or a
wily only VNC. That way when i get home I could run wily-gui over
ssh and have my wily window appear as I left it.

Useful, but a completely different architecture implementation
wise and so probably not worth doing with the existing wily code.

Sam Holden

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