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  • From: wealth advisor <IRPLNMRR@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx,>
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  • Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004 21:26:27 -0200

Hfel"lo drpear hFo!m#e owXner,

WgCe have beeVfn notified th^at your mortgag0be raTzte is f,ixed at a veIWrRy high intex9rest rate. ThereYforsNe you are currently overpaying, which s8ums-iujp to thoG5us[ands of d[ol7ylars annuallly .

L;uck]ily for yo68u we c/an grKuarantee the lo!wkest rateNfs in the U.S/. (3.28%). So huh1rrRy bebjcause the rat#e forecast is n$oAt loopHking good!

There is no obligat=ion, and it's FRtEE

Loc;k on the 3.28%, even with bad crs8e.dit!





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