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  • From: USA Live Rates <HADULFHEVTP@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 01:07:03 +0600

Hello deSar hoGOme ownOqer,

W}e have been nxo{tified that you.r mor'tgage ra*t#e ifas f=ix`e#d at a verky high interest rate. Therefore yJou are cu|rrently overpayin1g, which su}mnBs-Tup to tMhousand=s of dollars annually .

Luckily for you wKe cUan guarantee the loOgwest r\atbejs in thtye U:.S. (3.42%). S<o hu`rry beoZcause thDe rate f_orecast is not looPOkinfYg ggWood!

There is n)o obligation, alknd it's FREE2JE

LocEk on th!e 3.42%, e*ve{n w-ith bad cr<edit"!





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